Tips for getting a dramatic eye makeup

The eyes can indeed talk and shows a person's mood or personality. You always use eye makeup natural, may sometimes wish to use a more dramatic eye makeup. Home Office or college and suddenly noticed the road by friends and confused should use eye makeup like what? Maybe the dramatic eye makeup you can try.

Dramatic eye makeup can make your eyes look feels more alive. You can prepare a signature lipstick and try this easy trick 3 to clothe you eyes to look ever more dramatic.

Kohl Pencil
This trick may be the choice for you who are in a hurry or you the person is happy with practicality. You only need the type of pencil eyeliner and eyeshadow brush kohl. To create a style of smokey eyes that impressed soft, form a line in the eyelid you as usually you apply eyeliner. However, add this line pertebal and up to half of the eyelid. Make sure the tip does not exceed the field beyond the eyelids. By using the brush eyeshadow, the eyeliner to blend it created smokey eyeshadow. If you feel you lack the thick eye makeup and dramatic, add back the pencil kohl last and do the same stages.

Metallic Sprinkles
If you are not too fond of the style of smokey eyes with eyeshadow that stroke is too dark, you can use the metallic colors to give a separate accent on eyes. You can use any favorite metallic colors, ranging from silver, gold, and bronze. Enough with the killing of this metallic colors on eyelids, then replace metallic colors with dark brown eyeshadow (gold and bronze colors) or dark-grey (for silver) starts from the central part of the eye to the outer corner of the eye. After that you can add the eyeliner and mascara. With this trick keep eye makeup will look dramatic and prolific, however with the use of a color that is not too thick.

Eyelashes are thick and Curved
One reason for the dramatic eye makeup can look is because the lashes look thick and curved. You can use additional false eyelashes, Eyelash original when you are too thin or too short. However, for you who are more comfortable using mascara, choose products that can give the effect of thick and long eyelashes at you. You can also combine two different functions at the same time mascara. First use the first mascara with the effect of elongation, then lightly coat with mascara again directly with the liquid thicken before effect mascara to dry first. Don't forget to use an eyelash curler before using mascara.

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