Tips For Safely Using Eye Makeup

Although the mascara and eye shadow can make your eyes look more prominent, but they can damage our eyesight. Follow the tips below so that the eye makeup you stay healthy!

Want your eyes look a little dramatic? Mascara, eye shadow, eye liner and can do the trick-trick. However if you use makeup everyday needs is you, you should know a few things that can harm your eyes from the use of makeup. Furthermore, remove makeup at night was more important than wearing makeup in the morning.

Basically, the makeup for the eyes were made of materials that are safe – as long as you wear it properly. Over time, all sorts of bad textures form can grow in a variety of cosmetics. Bacteria and fungi can breed, if you are still using this makeup on your eyes, eyes you can be contaminated with germs of makeup. Hiiy!

Do's and Don'ts use cosmetics on the eyes!

Here's how you make sure your eyes stay beautiful and healthy-tips safe to use the makeup on the eye it could minimize the emergence of bacteria on your eyes.

1. do not use makeup that has expired. – waste just makeup that already many months not used.

2. Do not use a mascara that has already dried up – and don't ever try to moisten mascara it with saliva or water. Should mascara should always be replaced every 2 months or 4 months, or immediately if it is dry. Tip: save a permanent marker on the bag of makeup, mark the date on when you open the mascara, so remember not to use it again if it has been going through a period save.

3. in order to Keep cosmetics in a cool – save on temperature 29 degrees Celsius or below. (that means don't save on your car or a steamy bathroom).

4. do not mix cosmetics. Use cosmetics which should only be for the eyes only, do not use the same pencil on the eyes and mouth as it can be contaminated with bacteria.

5. avoid the use of Kohl eyeliner – such materials could contain dangerous levels of lead. Avoid also the permanent staining for eyelashes because it can harm the eyes if not used properly.

6. never share cosmetics to your friends. The bacteria than they could be contaminated with an eye on you.

7 tips to apply makeup with safe!

It's also important to know about applying makeup safely to avoid injury. Put anything near the eyes can cause damage. So the next time you painstakingly to draw a perfect line, beware lest the cosmetics enters into the eye.

Try applying makeup tips safe on the eyes!

1. don't ever wear makeup while driving or in travel in a vehicle. Mascara wand you can easily scratch the cornea – not to mention you can crash if negligent driving.

2. Do not use a cosmetic if your eyes are irritated and infected. – If you feel that you are wearing cosmetics makes your eyes itch, irritation, etc, you must immediately stop using the makeup.

3. use cosmetics on the outer area of your eyes. – Do not use eye liner on the inside of the eyelid, where the makeup can get into the eyes.

4. always wash your hands before inserting hands you into the bag of makeup and before applying makeup to your face.

5. avoid colorful cosmetics, there is glitter, sparkles. – The material could contain ingredients that are scratched eye or make an eye irritation.

6. make sure all eye cosmetic applicator before you use it. Therefore have to clean or replace all the brushes and sponges as often as possible.

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