Tips On Creating Gradations Of Color On The Eye Makeup

We are still beginner in the Affairs of makeup really so clueless should definitely specify color eyeshadow should be used create a gradient effect. Chill girls ... As long as know the trick, we can also make a nice gradations of eye makeup! So, grab your eyeshadow pallete and check out how to apply it here!

1. Base
In one eyeshadow palette there is definitely the color of the youngest, if not the white, beige/light brown, nude, young, pink or orange. Well, we can select the color that most young with a matte texture (not glitter) created the first layer.

Before applying the eyeshadow, don't forget to make eyelids primer berstektur matte eyeshadow because it usually is not too real without discharging primary eyelids. In addition, the use of the eye primer is also aiming so long lasting eyeshadow, and not patchy. Use the base color in the upper part of the crease (fold the upper part of the eye) and blending brush that is fluffy.

2. Crease
For the beginning select the color gradations, making mid-range tone/medium. Not too dark but not too bright, too. Don't immediately wear a color that's too old so that the colors used could build so more firmly.

For example in the palette we have 3 brown color; light brown, somewhat old, and tan. Choose a color that is somewhat old for at the crease, i.e. the top eyelid folds but do not sampe about the end of the eyebrows, is in the middle. Try also to use a textured matte finish. Apply with blender brush with how to start from the outside of the crease of the eye (the outer crease) and then drag it to the upper part of the eye folds (crease upper) towards the tip of the eyebrow and bone in the crease of the eye (the inner crease) and circular motion and open eyes .

3. Fill The Inner Eyelids
The intent of the inner eyelids is the area at the bottom of the crease of the eye. Well made in this part, we are free to choose the color of the suit or dress would we use. We can also use an eyeshadow or shimmery glittery textured. It could also use an eyeshadow pencil or crayon.

Don't be afraid of color matching or not hit with the color of his crease. For example we use crease color is light brown or orange light dont problem reply chose pink color to the inside. Fill the inner eyelids, we can use an eyeshadow brush-shaped flat. Tips so that colors eyeshadows more pigmented, slightly dampen brush with water and then apply the brush still in clean hands before taking the back color.

4. Outer Corner And Smokey Eyes
So color gradations are more visible and soft transitions, use colors that are older or oldest and textured matte finish again at the outer corner with a small blender/blending blush pencil or brush. If the eyeshadow palette that we have there are black in color, use a little black create results smokey eye looks. The trick, apply starting from the outer corner, lower crease, until slightly to the inside of the inner eyelids, can also to half of it.

5. Bend, Blend, Blend!

Blend between the outer corner and inner eyelids area, also the upper and the lower crease with circle movement. On the blending of this step, brush suitable is tapered blending brush so that the results are so strongly fused, and soften the household line. If the colour is already blending and shaping gradations, continued to use the gel or liquid eyeliner to make wings liner.

6. Lower Lash Line

Use pencil eyeliner on the lower lash line (lower lashes lines) and create a color with the color of the mid-range tone/medium similar to the crease using an eyeshadow C brush.

7. HighLight!

Finally, use a pencil brush made of white eyeshadow ngasih at the inner corner (tip of the eye) and a bit of highlights on the bones of the eyebrows.

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