Tips on Monolid Eye Makeup so Result Looks, Maximum and Does not Easily Wear off

Most of the women of Asia such as Japan, Korea, China, has a monolid eye lid. Monolid eye is a form that does not have the lines of folds naturally. Although it is not a problem or deficiency, have eyes monolid certainly need different attention, especially in eye makeup. If you are the owner of the eyelids monolid, must understand how it feels to draw eyeliner, but are not visible when you open your eyes. Don't simply gave up and ignored the stack of eyeliner and eyeshadow You monolid eyes, owners can also play with the eye makeup too! Let's try the following eye makeup tips!

1. Prepare the eyes
Start the eye makeup You first before other facial makeup. So, if an error occurs it will be easy to clean it without damaging the rest of the other makeup. Well, have eyes monolid means petals you will be ' folded ' into, so if you use eyeliner or eyeshadow, makeup will be more easy smudging. To prevent this, you need to use an eyeshadow primer prior to cosmetic eye. Of course, in addition to preventing smudging, eyeshadow primer will also help color eyeshadow more out and hold your eye makeup last longer.

2. ' make ' Fake Crease with Eyelid
One way that is often used for monolid eyes owners making an illusion as if they have a fold of the petals is making fake crease using eyeshadows. Fake crease eyeshadow is the technique by creating dimensions eyeshadow where generally fold the petals are on the eyes. Actually, the trick is a little similar to making the cut crease that you can see here. Only, if the cut eyelid crease to reaffirm to the owner of the eye with a clear shell folds, owners need to make the crease monolid eyes, as indeed monolid has no crease. Although it takes practice, but the end result really make eyes look bigger and seems to have the crease lines, Yes! Alternatively you can try to get double eyelids without crease is fake technique by utilizing eyelid tape that will enlarge eyelid instantly,

3. Add Dimension
In addition to creating the illusion of an eyelid crease with fake, you can also make the eyes appear more dimensional monolid and tedefinisi. All you need to do is give the highlights or color lighter eyeshadow on the middle part of the eyelid. Well, do not miss to give you highlights on the inner corner or corner of the inside of the eye, also, Yes! To make the eyes look more pop and stand out, use a shimmery eyeshadow on Your eyelids middle section.

4. use Waterproof Eyeliner
For monolid eyes owner, with eyeliner waterproof formula is your best choice. With eyelids that goes into, certainly would be more vulnerable to friction eyeliner and smudging, therefore, waterproof eyeliner will certainly be more durable in your eyes. If you use eyeliner too thin, while opening the eyeliner eyes will not be visible. To solve it, you need to find an eyeliner appropriate thickness levels for you. Other tips that you can try is tightline, that outline the eyeliner along the lines under the lashes, not on it. Tightline will add definition to your eyes as well as making lashes look thicker.

5. Don't be afraid to play with Eyeshadow
Despite not having the large areas, not a reason for monolid you don't create using eyeshadows, lho! Following the trend of the current makeup certainly can as well. You can look beautiful with makeup monochrome gradations or play using more than 1 color. To make the eyes look bigger, don't forget to apply eyeshadow on the outer corner!

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