Tips on using Eye Shadow correctly

Although often wear eyeshadow, not necessarily you are applying it correctly. Whereas the use of eye shadow with precise and neat becomes key in the formation of the eyes is perfect.

The following tips will teach you how to decorate your eyes with eye shadow. Find out how from the site Daily Glow.

1. Eye Shadow Brush
A good brush is becoming the key to perfection using the eye shadow. Please do not hesitate to invest in having the best makeup brushes. Brushes of fur better than any synthetic brushes. Natural brushes can be perfectly mixes the eye shadow around the eyes.

2. Concealer
The skin color of the eyes is usually darker than any other facial skin. So the color of eye shadow does not change when applied to the eye, then you should neutralize the color of the skin of the eye using a concealer.

3. Base Eye Shadow
Secrets so that the eye shadow is a day with a durable base, apply the eye shadow before using the eye coloring. Base eye shadow slightly oily textured, so it can stick to a perfect eye shadow on eyes. You can change the base eye shadow with petroleum jelly. Sweep the base eye shadow or petroleum jelly on the crease of the eye using a finger, so as not to clot. However, if you use a creamy type of eye shadow, eye shdow base there is no longer used.

4. Application of Eye Shadow
Select the color of eye shadow according to needs and events. Eye shadow shades of Brown, pink and peach are suitable for daytime appearance and make-up work. As for the party you could use black color, or gradient colorful eye shadow. Whatever the chosen color, you should know how the application:

  • Use light colors or young on the crease of the eye by using a small eye shadow brushes.
  • Use the color of the medium in the middle of the eye. Combine colors into one larger with a brush, so that no visible line delimiters between young and medium colors.
  • Use eye shadow dark color on the outside of the eye, to make the contour eyes more visible. Apply using a small brush.
  • Apply colour directly on young bones eyebrows by using a small brush. This made the shape of the eyebrows look more presentable, and became more prominent brow bone.
  • End by using eye liner to reassert the eyelashes. Lastly, use mascara so that lashes become more curved.

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