Tutorial Fan Style Eyeshadow For Monolid Eye Makeup

Eyeshadow styles "fan" (fan) beautiful and elegant, but for the monolid eyes no folds, a bit confused how to use this style. Monolid eyes first, no creases, and then also his eyes smaller. If following the usual tutorial style eyeshadow, "fan" it so it looks messy. But this style at a little modification, so gorgeous tables!

This tutorial to change the style of this "fan" for eyes monolid!

  • After using primer, use a shiny eyeshadow (I wear silver color, but the color of gold, beige, pink, etc. is also gorgeous!) in the eyelids. Must appear to the eye open time Yes!
  • Blend in the Brown eyeshadow from the outer corner of the eye, but don't blend into the further from 1/2 eyelids. With tapered tapered blending brush, blend the Brown eyeshadow is above a shiny eyeshadow.
  • The application of eyeliner with a pencil eyeliner, and blend the line upwards until smooth.
  • Fold half of the cotton that was already wet with eye makeup remover, cotton may be located in the bottom of his eyeshadownya, and pull upwards. This will remove the eyeshadownya to be a neat wing.
  • The application of false eyelashes or mascara
  • Shiny eyeshadow application in part bring eye & finished!

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