Tutorial To Make Eye Makeup Natural And Fresh

Natural eye makeup tutorial and fresh it could try, tutorials to make eye makeup natural and fresh which can make the appearance of the more okay. So we can cover our faces are tired of studying a day fit weekend later, just try to make a tutorial on eye makeup natural and fresh.

This once simple makeup girls. And can make our eyes instantly seem fresh. Let's try to make eye makeup tutorials, natural and fresh.

First of all clean the face and select color eyeshadow nude or light in our eyes.

Wear dark brown color eye liner, that looks natural and baseball overuse.

Polishing a natural brown color eyeshadow on the outer edge of the eye of our eyelids.

Don't forget to wear concealer at the bottom of the eye, so that the circumference of the black eye we can hide it perfectly.

We wear lashes clamp clamp twice from the innermost part of the past the end of the lashes. Let formed dramatic effect doll eyes.

The last one, wear mascara and avoid discharging multiple times so that baseball looked thick and natural. Recommended wear clear mascara I'll appear more simple and natural.

good luck and hopefully could be useful and be able to gain maximum results.

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